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ng to Shepherd, the risks o
by Liu Yue

BEIJING Mathew Barzal Islanders Jersey , Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- In a new wave of violence against the people of Chinese descendant in the Philippines, an official was shot dead in the northern city of Tuguegarao and two young merchants were killed in another shooting on Thursday.

The murders again revealed the country's poor security situation and underscored an urgency for Manila to act quickly to better protect every human life in the country and to cherish its ties with other countries.

Violence or enmity against Chinese citizens, or the people of Chinese origin in the Philippines, have, from time to time John Tavares Womens Jersey , hit headlines, and outraged all that have a peace-loving heart, regardless of their nationality.

There is a big question mark over the killings.

Only in September, a Chinese teenager was kidnapped by four gunmen in southern Philippines and another Chinese citizen was shot in its Bulacan Province.

Upon verification from the Philippines authorities, criminal gangs in the country plot to launch bombing attacks against the Chinese embassy Andrew Ladd Womens Jersey , companies and shopping malls in the country, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The poor security situation in the Philippines has prompted Beijing to issue a travel alert advising its citizens to suspend their trips to the Southeastern Asian nation.

It's a slap in the face for a country that depends heavily on its tourism revenue, at a time when the number of tourists from China has already dwindled since September.

A Philippine tourism executive told Xinhua that his travel agency has lost 110,000 to 154,000 U.S. dollars during this year's week-long Chinese National Day holiday season Mathew Barzal Womens Jersey , a golden period when Chinese tourists are usually willing to spend more on leisure and entertainment, both at home and abroad.

Moreover, many foreign investors also blacklist the Philippines for security reasons.

In a bid to save its reputation, it is time for Manila to take quick and concrete measures to put its house back to order, and reflect on how it can protect every human life on its territory.

Especially Adidas John Tavares Jersey , the Philippine government should take immediate actions to safeguard the security of Chinese citizens and institutions in the country and try not to make the issue a stumbling block in its relations with China.

As to disputes between the two countries, Beijing insists that they be resolved in a proper manner. Therefore, Manila should not wink at the anti-Chinese attacks, which will erode China's confidence in improving bilateral ties.

by Levi J Parsons

SYDNEY, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- Sydneysiders woke up to a thick fog of smoke blanketing the harbour city on Monday as teams of firefighters began hazard reduction burns in preparation for the upcoming wildfire season in Australia.

South Westerly winds drew smoke from a controlled burn in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales State (NSW) Adidas Andrew Ladd Jersey , 130 km outside of Sydney. But NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Inspector Ben Shephard told Xinhua on Monday that there have also been hazard reduction burns underway in the North and West of the city as well.

"We know that we are down on rainfall totals in and around Sydney," Shephard said.

"And the forested areas this year are starting to firm up as having a potential for a fire season."

Shepherds admitted that a lack of moisture over the winter months are "really concerning" for fire authorities in NSW and the window to execute more tactical burn-offs is continuing to narrow.

The RFS usually conducts these exercises in spring when the weather conditions are more favourable. But according to Shephard, if the long, dry and warm period continues it may start to swing to a point where it could become "too dangerous" to do the burn-offs.

"We can't have it too dry and we can't have it too wet."

"If it's too wet you might only burn the top layer and leave a lot of the fuel underneath and if it's too dry, it can become difficult to control."

For that reason fire authorities develop what is called a "prescription" for hazard reduction burns.

Fuel moisture Adidas Mathew Barzal Jersey , weather, temperature and the amount of resources available need to fit certain parameters before an exercise can go ahead.

The RFS also needs to undertake an environmental assessment in order to ascertain there will be minimum harm to any native wildlife in the area.

In certain circumstances they also may need to secure "control lines" in areas close to houses and ask for aviation support.

"Putting a match to the Australian bush on any given day does always pose some risks," Shephard explained.

"It's not just a matter of walking into the bush, it's a planned event that is months in the making or sometimes years."

"We try to light the fire in a certain path or direction at a certain level, so it's a fire on our terms and we can minimize the risk"

But the safety precautions are not without their own hazards.

The state's health department issued urgent warnings for people suffering from respiratory condition such as asthma Authentic John Tavares Jersey , not to venture outside Monday.

But according to Shepherd, the risks of not acting to reduce the threat of wildfires are far more dangerous.

"In places that haven't had a fire in a number of years, there will be a big fuel build up in that area, so by burning off that we can reduce the amount of fuel on the ground and in turn act to reduce the impact of a fire in the future," Shephard said.

"When we do hazard reduction burning It doesn't mean we can remove the possibility of a fire in the future Authentic Andrew Ladd Jersey , it means we can reduce the intensity of it and that is sometimes enough for us to get resources in place to control it and save lives and property."

Although the process is conducted with hi-tech instruments and extremely calculated modern planning techniques, the practice has been around in Australia long before the invention of firetrucks.

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